Doug Wood

My 2 sons and myself used to see Ken at his shop in Aurora at Potomac and Alameda. During the pandemic he decided to close up shop and we followed him to his new location the Garage at his house. It's not fancy but the haircuts are the best in the Denver Area we live in far East Aurora almost to Watkins but are willing to drive 30 minutes to Brighton for our haircuts.

We always have great conversation and get done early from our 1 hour appointment time. The price is hard to beat $50 for group of 3 haircuts.

The only way I won't come out here is if Ivan's moved over an hour away or I get to the point I can't drive anymore. Even then Uber is a possibility or Lyft.

Thanks for all the excellent haircuts over the years and for opening up your garage for business. Love hanging with the dogs even when they get a bit rambunctious. It's good entertainment.

Keep up the good work!!

I recommend Ivan's Barber Shop to anyone willing to make an appointment and always have the appointment on time. No waiting. In and out. It's faster to get haircuts living 19 miles away than it was 1 1/2 miles away. The appointments make the difference.

I have never cancelled an appointment but I am confident if something came up emergency because of weather or being sick Ken would reschedule without charging for long time customers and with his business etiquette even a new customer would get treated fairly.


Ernesto C.

I came in here to get a fade, it was perhaps one of the best fades I have ever gotten.

Eric S.

Always a good cut at this place. Great friendly service. skip supercuts and support local businesses.

Edward D.

Excellent service, even got into some motorcycle talk! Will be going again! Highly recommended

John S.

Great classic barbershop. I've been going here for 30 years.

Mike H.

I come here every 3 to 4 weeks for a cut and a shave. I have been coming here since I was 21 years old. One of the very few places that does straight razor shaves on my face ( warm lather, hot towel, the works) I very rarely wait, I always enjoy my time there, the environment and staff are superb, and my cut always turns out great. If I'm ever asked about my hair I always make a point to say where I get my hair cut and why I love it so much.

Paul T.

Relaxed, low key traditional barber shop. Pictures of old cars and planes all over, not one of those weird modernized stylist shops. Got a solid haircut for a fair price, and would definitely go back. They had a few return clients while I was in there and they all talked like old friends.


Awesome service / people / haircuts and pricing ... Loyal customer for years

Cryptos S.

I just moved to Colorado and lucked up on this place. It is awesome. Ken is a great barber and just getting out of the Marine Corps I like my hair a certain way. I told him the regs and he cut it perfect the first time. I went in for my second visit and nothing below excellence. I recommend this great family owned business and he will win you over with the straight razor at the end. It's a dying art but it is far from dead here. Also the atmosphere is great usually a line on Saturdays however the customers are like family and we all talk so the wait doesn't seem long for an outstanding haircut.

Jarrett L.

After several of my friends I work with told me about this place, I went in today for a beard trim. Ken did an incredible job of giving me a quality trim for a fair price, outstanding customer service, a great environment and and overall incredible experience. I've been getting my haircut elsewhere, but after today I know I'll be a frequent customer here for haircuts and occasional trims. Keep it up!

Doug W.

I love this barber shop. It has a great owner and the former owner works part time. The know how to cut hair and visit with every customer like they are long time friends. I won't go anywhere else unless they close. Sometimes they are very busy because they only have 3 barbers on staff and not all of them are there everyday. I still don't mind the. wait even though you sometimes wait up to an hour to get a haircut. I still get the best haircuts here and eventually you learn the best times and days to go to miss the crowds. What does this tell you they are so good people are willing to wait for a great haircut!!!

Sara C.

Love this place. Took my son here for a trim . The gentleman who cut his hair was amazing and had awesome hair his self! He was happy to talk with my kid while cutting his hair.
Thank you kind sir .

Bruce Allen

Good cuts by experienced barbers. Good old school shop with great vibe.

Stephen Johnson

Best haircut I've had. Love the old school vibe here, and the barbers are just awesome. Even going in with a vague idea, they were able to give exactly what I was wanting. Definitely will be coming back!

Stefan Hatfield

Love this barbershop! The barbers are professional and friendly. They're also great with kids. I brought my 19mo old here for his first haircut and they did an excellent job! I will be coming back.

Dan Cannalte

Great barber shop! Has real sense of community with a professional level cut coming from 20 years of experience. Considering the quality the price is unbelievably cheap.